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The Most Holy Trinity

This week we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity.  The readings express various images of God – yet words are but tiny grains of sand when we contemplate the relationship of God as Creator, Jesus as Redeemer, and Holy Spirit as Sanctifier.  Many of us relate to Jesus because we can read about his Paschal Mystery in the writings of the New Testament.  We are children of God, nurtured by the teachings & experiences of Jesus, and nourished by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  How many times in our lives have we prayed the Sign of the Cross? It becomes a rote prayer – yet the prayer contains the beliefs that we hold so dear.  It is not “just” a prayer to teach small children.  Praying the Sign of the Cross takes conviction in a faith that guides our Paschal Mystery.  Take time…

The events of the past few weeks have caused many of us to reflect on systemic racism that is deep within society.  We must pray for peace but also work toward change so that another generation will not have to experience the violence that led to the riots in many cities of our nation and throughout the world.  We are called by Jesus to be people of peace – how are we doing in our hearts, relationships, homes, cities, work places, actions…?  



Notes from Nancy

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