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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

June 23, 2019

This week we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.  “In The Joy of the Gospel,

Pope Francis states, the Eucharist is “not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.”  When we prepare to receive the Eucharist ask God to heal the places in us that feel broken or weak. Genesis foreshadows what is to comeJesus feeding the five thousand utilizing words – blessed, broke, and given – which in turn leads to the Last Supper – “Jesus took the bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them” (Luke 22:19).                                                                    WE are given the opportunity to receive the gift of Jesus’ Body and Blood which feeds us spiritually and sends us forth to share the Gospel message with all!

WHAT A GIFT which unites us with Jesus and one another! 

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