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The 5th Sunday of Easter

May 19, 2019

This week we celebrate the Fifth Sunday of Easter. The First Reading gives us a “picture” of the disciples traveling and spreading the message of Jesus to all – even the Gentiles!  As many people became believers the disciples realized that they needed to build “structure” so that people in each town or village are left “in charge” to care for the less fortunate and continue to share the message of Jesus.  Can you imagine how invigorating the report was that they made to the church in Antioch – spreading the faith to so many cities and experiencing the message – like a stone rippling in water – to the far ends of the country?

John’s Gospel is short but has so much to give us – a new commandment – “love one another.”  Love can be a word that is overused in our society. We “love” a color painted on a wall, we “love” something someone else has said, we “love” a new car; we “love” our job, college sports team, flowers, how a yard is mowed…  The list can go on and on…                                                    What does “love” really mean as “a new commandment?”  To “love” means to sacrifice for another; to be willing to share our time when we are bone tired; to stretch beyond our means when someone is in need; to care so much that we are serving the Body of Christ and realizing that sacrifice is involved in truly loving a spouse, child, friend, or God.  Jesus was preparing the disciples for his dying and rising.  Do you think that they were aware of what was to come?



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