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The 3rd Sunday of Lent


This week we celebrate the Third Sunday of Lent.  John’s Gospel depicts the amazing conversation between the Samaritan Woman and Jesus.  Jesus breaks the cultural rules of the day by interacting with a woman who only can come to the well for water at noon as she was not respected in her community and was not welcome to come in the cool of the early morning with the other women.  Jesus reveals himself as “the one who has power to grant living water that will become a spring inside of her ‘welling up to eternal life.’”

What is our depth of faith in accepting Jesus through the waters of our baptism?  How does Moses’ exasperation and the Lord’s response, by providing water to the people after they left Egypt, fit into our own expression of faith?  How precious is water today in our physical & spiritual lives and throughout the world?  Take time to reflect…    



Notes from Nancy

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