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The 3rd Sunday of Advent

This week we celebrate the Third Sunday of Advent. As we wait in joyful hope for the coming of the Lord we must hear the call for patience as we wait for the One who is made flesh among us.  This is Gaudete Sunday – rejoice – demonstrate JOY in our lives.  Joy is not just a sense of happiness.  Joy is the depth of God within us as we respond to God’s call to serve others.  Joy is shared with others through our patient, gentle, and faithful response to the will of God.  Have we taken time to slow down and “hear” God within us?  Are we excited to spend time with God or are we busy chasing items in a store or online? 

John the Baptist is a good example of one who shares the joy of patiently waiting and sharing the message that Jesus is coming while baptizing and telling others that the Messiah is the “One” who has been long awaited!   Why do you think that the people heard his message?  Take time…

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