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The 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. The readings today call us to trust in the Lord’s guidance and protection while persevering throughout our lives.  How is perseverance a virtue in our lives?  What other virtues do we hear this week?  Joy?  Gratitude?  Trust? Integrity? Justice?  Wisdom? Hope? What do these words really mean as we live our lives as the People of God? 

We are called to share the goodness of God with others and allow the beauty of God to shine within and through each one of us.  What does it mean to persevere in our faith with God?  We must continue on, regardless of our sorrows or joys, as we share the Gospel message.  How are we doing?

We are seeking volunteers in both parishes to serve as:

Liturgy for Children Leaders during Masses;

Members of a Committee for Disasters/Power Outages;

Planners of a Christmas Party for both parishes;

Planners for other Social Activities for youth, children, & adults-Parties; sledding with hot cocoa, or whatever the group can plan & put in motion; or

Helpers to put up Advent & Christmas Banners & the Outside Nativity Set at St. Mary Parish or

Plan anything that will involve others.  There seems to be a sense of apathy – come & get involved – let me know what interests you – if everyone does something then one person or group is not stuck doing everything – any input or interest? – Please contact me!



Notes from Nancy

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