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The 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Scriptures this week remind us that God is the “God of the living for to Him, all are alive.”  We must have faith and believe that God is with us through eternal life.  All who have gone before us are alive in God which is why one of the names for God is “I AM.”  Our belief in eternal life assures us that our faithful friends and relatives are alive in God.

On Thursday, November 14th, from 1-3 we will have a “Remembering Our Loved Ones” presentation at St. Mary Parish (in the classroom area) given by Cami Mann, a Spiritual Director and Faith Magazine Writer.  She will lead us in a variety of scriptures that may help us to continue our grieving knowing that “I AM” is with us always.  If your loss is recent or sometime ago, please come and listen – you will not have to share your “story” but gain ways to pray that allow you to continue on your journey of faith.

Sincere thanks to all who sent a card, attended visitation or the Mass of Christian Burial, gave a hug or greeting, or are praying for my family and myself as we experience the loss of my sister, Suzanne.  Your kindness is appreciated!

The Knights of Columbus will sponsor a Membership Drive next week-end – take time to consider joining an organization to help others and yourself grow in God’s love and service.



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