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The 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Zacchaeus, is curious about the message Jesus is sharing with others.  He climbs a tree, much to the amusement of others, and Jesus notices him and invites himself to Zacchaeus’ home.  What a shock for the “good” people – Jesus would visit a tax collector’s home!??  Zacchaeus finds the error of his ways and in true humility changes his life – he gives away the excess of his money and becomes a follower of Jesus.  His life becomes one of gratitude and service. 

How often are we willing to give what we do not need and follow Jesus?  Many times we think if we give a few dollars to the church collection or a “cause” we have done our “job.”  It is when we give beyond our comfort zone that the giving becomes true gratitude to God for all that we have been given.  Take time to reflect…



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