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The 2nd Sunday of Easter Divine Mercy

April 28, 2019

This week we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday.  The Readings today bring to mind many words – doubt, faith, peace, mercy, love… We could add many others to the list. Thomas was doubtful because he had not “seen” Jesus in person.  His doubt becomes acceptance & awe with the “My Lord, and my God” expressed when he realized that Jesus had truly risen!  We believe by faith as did the people in the First Reading who were hoping that they would receive healing through the apostles as they walked by.  The love Jesus showed to his followers after his resurrection was extremely powerful and allowed them to share the peace of Christ with others.     

How do we integrate these powerful words within our own lives and allow us to grow spiritually?  We must read the Scriptures and place ourselves in the role of one of the disciples or perhaps, Jesus.  What do we feel, how do we react to the words, what movement is within us, when, it all comes together – sometimes suddenly – or when we place it aside and mull over how it impacts our lives…  Take time to reflect… 



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