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The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today we celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. The First Reading and the Gospel are examples of “call narratives.”  Samuel is slow to understand while John is so vibrant in his response to Jesus’ call.  What is our reaction?  Are we tentative and slow to hear God calling or do we respond with confidence? For many of us “call” meant a response to God to serve as a priest or religious – yes, those are still viable calls to respond to.  Laypeople are called to share the gifts that we have been given with the people that we serve through our occupations, volunteer service, and families.  Take time to pray… Is our response a willing one or are we hesitant to respond?  Can we share our faith with others and help them to respond to God’s call?  Does the sense of “call”  make us feel alive, give us energy or fill us with purpose?  Spend time in prayer – what do you “hear”?


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