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The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Matthew’s Gospel shared the trap that the Pharisees tried to set for Jesus.  Jesus’ wisdom utilizes the profound statement, “Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”  Taxes have been a form of payment that allows countries to pay the bills for many years - Caesar’s funds! 

We, as children of God, belong to God.  It is our responsibility to give God glory and honor while giving praise, living with integrity, and summoning the courage to speak the truth when it may be difficult. The courage to speak truth and share our beliefs is the Holy Spirit working within us.  We are blessed with a faith that continually urges us to utilize our informed conscience to make decisions and stand by convictions even when it would be easier to “cave” and follow the views of society, thus avoiding conflict.  The true conflict comes deep within each of us when we realize that we often do not live up to our convictions and the truth that we believe in our hearts.  What can we do? Do our actions bring peace within?


Notes from Nancy

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