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The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Persistence is the main theme today.  Does our persistence in prayer force God to change things?  No, it allows each one of us, through persistence in prayer, to change and deepen our faith and trust in God, his promises and his love for us.                                         We believe in a God of love – prayer allows us to feel the love that God gives us even if we do not “receive” what we ask.  Our conversion comes when we accept what we have been given – even if it is not what we expected or want.  We adapt as we grow in faith and love of God.     Take time to share your experiences of prayer with your friends and family members.  Are they similar?  Are they different?  Take time to pray each day – over time we change and grow in love with God more than we can imagine – what a blessing…

Our parish households should have received a postcard letting us know that our parishes are involved in Wave 2 of the Our Shepherds, Our Future Capital Campaign.  We will all be asked to “prayerfully consider” a contribution over 3 years to secure the future of the church in Grand Rapids.  Remember:  the People of God supported the church we have lived in – now it is our turn to support the church of the future generations.    



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