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The 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  “Forgive your neighbor’s injustice; then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven” – these words from the Book of Sirach give us food for thought.  We are called to forgive each other. The fire of anger within damages ourselves by dwelling on what others tell us or have done to us.  It is not easy to forgive but it is good for our health – both physically & spiritually.  If the pain is so strong within, then, let it go. Ask God to give you the strength to be at peace and experience the freedom that comes from letting go.  Take time to reflect…

The Catechists/Parents met recently.  Due to Phase 4, the fact that our students attend Religious Education from 5 school districts, and the majority of the survey responses, that were returned, wanted materials provided or online for home instruction, the decision was made to provide materials online/& materials to be picked up for students in K-12 grades.  Families will be receiving a letter with registration materials and more information this week.  Hopefully, by January we will be able to have in-person classes.   

The Inter-generational Food Walk that is usually held in October is tentatively scheduled for April 25th due to Covid-19. 

There will be a Second Collection Sept. 12/13 for the people whose lives are affected by the California Fires, Storms in Iowa, or Hurricane Laura. You can mail or bring your contributions to the Office until Sept. 27th.  Thanks!

Thank you for understanding as we live these difficult days.  You are in my prayers!

We are in need of people to fold & stuff bulletins on Tuesday.  Interested? Please call!


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