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The 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time. Matthew’s Gospel is the basis for the succession of popes – Jesus’ words, “…you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church…” are often used to remind us that Peter, known as Rock, was to lead the apostles and disciples. 

There is one other point that should be valued.  Peter has had a revelation of faithhe KNOWS that Jesus is the Son of God AND he PROCLAIMS it when asked directly!

How many times are we willing to say aloud what we really believe?  Do we mumble to ourselves, go with the status quo or are we willing to share what we know is truth?

Jesus knew that he had shared a powerful message on his 3 year journey with the disciples – the fishermen who had followed and shared Jesus’ story with others.   Much was yet to come…  How do we believe?  Do we allow our faith to control our actions?  Do we truly believe the words of Psalm 138? – “Lord, your love is eternal…”  Are we willing to deepen the faith that Jesus revealed and BELIEVE or is BELIEVE only a word we see on advertisements around Christmas?  Take time to reflect…


August 18th marked the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment – women were given the right to vote!  As a child my grandmother, Grace Hagerty Kelly (1890-1959), would often tell me stories of her experiences attending rallies in downtown Cincinnati to “help the cause – women voting.”  After her marriage in 1917 she survived the 1918 “Spanish Flu” and had her first child.  She would take him in his pram to attend the rallies.  What she impressed on me was the importance to vote.  She believed everyone needed to be informed on issues & vote!  This advice is still good in our time…


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