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The 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time.   In order to “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News” we must have a personal relationship with Jesus.  In Luke’s Gospel, the disciples were on a journey to Jerusalem with Jesus.  This journey was a parallel to the journey that Isaiah depicted in the First Reading as the Hebrew People traveled from Egypt to the Promised Land as God formed them into His people.  The passages in Luke’s Gospel were extended to the Gentile people who were becoming followers of Jesus.  Everyone was welcome to share in the excitement and truth of Jesus on the journey. 

How do we cultivate a relationship with Jesus?  Is this only for adults as they struggle and journey through life?  I believe that our relationship with Jesus begins as children.  Parents cultivate a child’s faith by praying before meals, in the morning or evening, explaining the Mass and Sacraments, instructing students at home and sending them to Religious Education where they gather with others who believe and share their faith while encouraging a relationship with Jesus. We can provide a birthday blessing, remembrance of baptism dates, honoring Wedding Anniversaries and remembering days when loved ones have died which help to instill a need for a relationship with Jesus.  Jesus is with us in the joys and sorrows of our life.  As adults we must be examples of praying and sharing what God means to us with our children, grandchildren, and loved ones.  Should we feel awkward?  If relating to God becomes the norm then there should be no awkwardness.  How are we doing?  Can we “Go out to allthe world and tell the Good News” with a sense of confidence in our personal relationship with Jesus? Take time to reflect…



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