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The 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time. In Matthew’s Gospel we hear Jesus, at first, ignoring the plea of the Canaanite woman to help herAfter her persistence, Jesus recognizes her intense faith and grants the answer to her prayersto heal her daughter. 

The First Reading exemplifies people joining together and establishing a house of prayer for all.  What do we gain from hearing Paul’s letter to the Romans?  Paul is trying to share the message of Jesus and unite the Gentiles and the Jewish people asking for mercy for all.

Where are we in our lives as we petition in prayer for change, healing, opportunities, or answers?  We are given what we need regardless of what we want.  We can be angry or disillusioned when our prayers are not answered.  What we may not realize is that another avenue has been opened to us.  It is only in looking back on our lives that we can view God’s mercy and love in our decisions, life-experiences, losses, or accomplishments.  We are not alone – God is always with us! Take time to listen, not constantly request, and feel the peace that enters our lives…

Some of the students have been working on painting the Peace Poles that will be placed in each parish.  Why Peace Poles?  They are symbols of what we need or believe in our lives.  In the coming weeks you will be invited to sign your names on the pole if you “believe in peace.”

Peace in our hearts, lives, towns, country, world - is desperately needed.  What do you think?


Notes from Nancy

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