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The 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time.   The image of Jeremiah “stuck” in the cistern is memorable.  How many times have we been “stuck” in our lives, in our relationships with family members, in a job we may not really appreciate, in going to church as routine… Each one of us could list many events, days, or weeks that we can relate as “stuck” somewhere or in something.  Certainly the Responsorial Psalm, “Lord, come to my aid!” fits the situation each of us often finds in our lives.  We hear Luke’s Gospel – Jesus is sharing his desire for baptism – however his baptism is one of “fire” – he will be baptized and then die for our salvation.  The symbol of “fire” is also given at the time of the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit – tongues of fire appear over them.

Are we willing to choose Jesus over others in our lives?  What does that mean for each one of us? Take time to reflect on our need for God and our need to purify our lives so that we can serve God.  How and when do we reach out and ask, “Lord, come to my aid”?

I am taking a vacation day on Sunday, August 18th to attend my High School Class Reunion.  As I write this I wonder about the lives of the 51 living members of my class of 62 students and where they have landed in life.  When I graduated from St. Francis Xavier High School I never dreamed I would be a Pastoral Director – what a life-changing call from God.   To all who are celebrating their 5th,10th,25th,30th,40th,50th,60th or 70th Reunions – enjoy!



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