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The 17th sunday of Ordianry Time

This week we celebrate the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Have you ever wondered what gift you would ask of God, if given the chance?  In the First Reading, Solomon is asked by God, “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.”  Solomon’s response, “Give…an understanding heart to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong…” – this answer pleased God and he gave Solomon many other gifts he did not ask for but which helped Solomon to lead his people.

Matthew’s Gospel speaks of gifts and choices.     What gifts have we been given to share with others?  What gifts have we been given to serve God?  Sometimes we see the gifts of others and not our own gifts.  It takes a friend or co-worker to alert us to the value of our gifts. 

“What single gift would you request of God to bring about the greatest public good?”  Would it be what Solomon’s request was – an understanding heart?  Would it be tolerance of others?  Take time to reflect on what gift you would ask of God for yourself and what you would ask for the public good…

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