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Notes from The Most Holy Trinity Bulletin

This week we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity. Ordinary Time has returned with a trio of Solemnities before we return to the “counting” of the Sundays of Ordinary Time.  Trinity Sunday celebrates our faith in a triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The triune God invites us into right relationship with God and with each other.  Take time to read the readings and reflect on the many names that are given to God – Lord, God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Son of God.  Biblical Scholars believe that most English versions of Scripture use “Lord” which translates as YHWH (Yahweh).  Some biblical scholars believe that YHWH stands for “I AM” or “I am who am” while others suggest that the unpronounceable name (YHWH) signifies God as Mystery, fully present but beyond our human grasp.  How do we speak of God within our prayer? 

St. John the Baptist Parishioners may have noticed the new roof on the Church porch.  It was made possible by the CSA Rebate money from last year.  Winter was very hard on the old roof.  This one should last awhile!

St. Mary Parishioners will notice next week that they church carpet is cleaned.  The accumulation of tracked in snow & salt will soon be gone!  Again, another use of the 2013 CSA Rebate Funds!

We still have CSA 2014 donations trickling in. Since we have met our goal, all funds now donated will be returned to the parishes. 

A sincere thank you to our summer visitors who joyfully participate in our Sunday Assemblies!  We are blessed to have you with us!  Welcome!

Today we celebrate Father’s Day.  If you are blessed to have a father please take time to tell him in some way that you love him.  If your father is no longer living take time to reflect on a positive memory.  Happy Father’s Day!

This week and next you will find cards from the Michigan Catholic Conference regarding receiving e-mails weekly from the Catholic Advocacy Network.  By signing up you will join “thousands of Michigan Catholics throughout the state to work for justice in society and to promote values important to our faith. “  These may include:  the poor & vulnerable, health care, education, marriage, families, & children, immigration, religious freedom or the sanctity of human life.  Please put the completed card in the collection basket & we will mail them.

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