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Notes from The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Bulletin

Today we celebrate the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Luke’s Gospel calls each of us to live by the integrity of the Gospel.  How do we utilize our finances?  How do we share our income with others who are less fortunate?  Do we purchase food or items that have been raised or made by people who earn a fair wage?  What message do we send to our children or family if we never have time to share with family or friends who need a visit or some of our gifts so that they can stay in their own homes with our assistance?  Is it easier to “look the other way”? Do we take the easy way out at times in our lives when we are too busy to help others?  The Gospel calls us to take an inventory of our funds, our time, and our gifts.  Can we utilize them in different ways so that we are living the Gospel message with integrity?  Take time to reflect on these questions this week…


Notes from Nancy

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