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Notes from The 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Bulletin

Today we celebrate the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  All of the Readings for this week-end express the unconditional mercy of God.  Moses implores God to give the people another chance.  In the First Letter to Timothy, Paul describes himself as “a blasphemer and a persecutor and arrogant…yet mercifully treated…through the grace of our Lord.”                                              

The Gospel of Luke has several parables that express the mercy of God.  Read the Gospel slowly to yourself during your time of reflection.  Which parable speaks to you and gives you hope?  Which person can you relate to in the parables?  The position of the older brother may bring out our feelings of resentment toward others who may have received mercy and forgiveness.  Can we think of an instance in which we have known the mercy of God deep within our hearts?

We are at the beginning of another school year.  Isn’t it amazing how many times we “begin again?”  Our calendar year begins in January, our church year begins on the First Sunday of Advent, the school year begins at this time of year – we have many opportunities to start over.  When we wake up each morning we are also beginning a new experience.  We cannot change the past but we can live each day celebrating the joy of knowing and loving God and sharing the Holy Spirit within us with others.  None of us knows if there will be a tomorrow – we must take the day and rejoice in our gift of time!  Take time each day to express gratitude to God and show the people who surround us how much we love and appreciate them.  Try it for a day or two – is there a change in how we perceive ourselves & others?


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