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Notes from Nancy 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today we celebrate the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The parable in Luke’s Gospel involves a widow who is seeking justice from a judge. The Hebrew word for widow means "one who has no voice" – her persistence is her only hope to getting justice from the judge. We may consider persistence as a positive quality whereas some may consider it nagging. The question is: "Will persistence in prayer always give us what we want?" I do not think so. The quality of persistence must be in the way we pray – not necessarily getting our specific prayer answered. We must take time EACH day to spend with God and allow our hearts and minds to be stretched through a variety of ways of prayer. Do we only pray when we need or want something? Do we give up if we do not get what we "want"? Prayer is the lifting of our minds and hearts to God – not getting what we want. The fruit of this parable is that justice has been experienced by widow. Do we utilize the Fruits of the Holy Spirit within our prayer? Take some time to look up and reflect on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit – how are we living them each day?

A new ritual for the celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony is being introduced into the Catholic Churches within the United States. It is already being used in some parts of the world. The theology is not new but the ritual – the way that the Sacrament of Matrimony is celebrated is changing. In Baptism, the person to be baptized is greeted at the door of the Church. In the New Order of Celebrating Matrimony the priest or deacon (who is the witness to the marriage) will greet both the bride and groom and their families at the door of the Church. A Procession will be formed along with the bridesmaids, groomsmen, with the families behind them and the bride and groom last. Before you are too shocked, let’s take a look at the question that may be in your mind – what happened to "giving" the bride away? In the past century or more the Church has not had the question, "Who gives this woman to this man?" We may see it in movies or other faiths. The key to marriage is the consent between the couple. Women are not possessions to be "given away." As couples plan their weddings the theology will be explained – knowledge allows for change. There is also a second form of the ritual. It may be used also. Change comes slowly…


Notes from Nancy

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