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Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a priest in residence?

No. For nearly a decade, St. Mary & St. John the Baptist Parishes have operated without a permanent priest in residence.

Who says the Masses?

Each weekend we have visiting Sacramental Ministers (aka Priests) to celebrate Mass with us. Most of these men are retired.

What if I need to be Anointed?

If you or someone you know needs to receive the Anointing of the Sick, then please contact Nancy at the parish office (989-584-6044). If it is an emergency, then she will find a priest to Anoint you immediately. Otherwise, she will bring the visiting priest out after Mass on the weekend.

Can I have one of the retired priests officiate my wedding?

Maybe. Each priest is different and has different requirements before they will marry a couple. Also, it will depend on their schedule. Please speak with Nancy during your marriage preparation classes if you would like to request a specific priest for your wedding.

When does the Saturday Mass schedule change?

Saturday evening Mass is at 4:00pm and will stay that way until further notice.

What does "ecumenical" mean?

The actual definition of "ecumenical" is: "representing a number of different Christian churches."

When is the Craft Show?

St. Mary's Annual Craft Show is always held on the fourth Saturday of October. For more information click here


Frequently Asked Questions about Rentals:

Can I rent the hall if I don't go to church there?

Yes! Anyone 18 years old or older can rent either one of our halls.

How much does it cost to rent St. Mary or St. John the Baptist Hall?

Depends. If you are a member of either church then you can rent either hall for $450. If you are not, then the cost to rent either hall is $550.

Do I have to pay the whole amount up front?

No. To reserve your date you only need to pay a down payment of $250. Please note: this is NOT a deposit, you will not receive this money back.

How many people can the halls fit?

Both halls have a capacity of 400 people.

Can I use the kitchen?

To prepare your food in one of our kitchens you must have a licensed caterer in the kitchen because our kitchen is licensed. The caterer must provide a copy of their current Food Handler's License from the State of Michigan to the office.

What about using roasters?

You may rent roasters and coffee pots from us for $5 a piece. Simply let us know the day you pick up the key that you would like to rent them.

What does St. Mary's contract look like?

A sample contract for St. Mary's Hall can be found here

What does St. John's contract look like?

A sample contract for St. John the Baptist's Hall can be found here

Can I rent the hall for a family gathering?

Yes. Both halls may be rented for $150 for baby showers, bridal showers, family reunions, etc. as long as no alcohol is served.

Can I rent the classrooms at St. Mary?

Yes! The classrooms are available for small group events for $25. No alcohol may be served in the classrooms.

How many tables and chairs does St. Mary have?

St. Mary has twenty-eight 60" round tables and approximately thirty-five 96"x30" rectangular tables. There are enough chairs to accommodate the 400 person capacity.

How many tables and chairs does St. John the Baptist have?

St. John the Baptist has 24 60" round tables, 35 long tables (8'x30" and 6'x30").

What do I do with my trash after my event?

All trash must be taken with you when you leave. Please do not leave any behind.

Do I have to clean it afterward?

No. You are only responsible for removing all of your decorations and trash from the premises. All of the tables and chairs must be left out so they can be sanitized by our custodian. He will also clean the floors.